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Week 01

Lecture 01: Intro to Class & HCI

Tuesday, 09/03/2013
PDF (13.8MB) | PPTX (186MB)

Lecture 02: About You and About Design

Thursday, 09/05/2013
PDF (5.7MB) | PPTX (26.6MB)

Week 02

Lecture 03: Idea Generation, Design Process, Understanding Users I

Tuesday, 09/10/2013
PDF (6.8MB) | PPTX (110MB)

Lecture 04: In-Class Activity with Dr. Bederson, In-Class Discussion about IDEO Video, and Team Forming

Thursday, 09/12/2013
PDF (2.2MB) | PPTX (52.9MB)

Week 03

Lecture 05: In-Class Project Planning

Thursday, 09/17/2013
In-class activity, no slides.

Lecture 06: Understanding Users II

Thursday, 09/19/2013
PDF (23.5MB) | PPTX (148.0MB)

Week 04

Lecture 07: Humans I

Tuesday, 09/24/2013
PDF (10.0MB) | PPTX (57.2MB)

Lecture 08: Humans II

Thursday, 09/27/2013
PDF (6.6MB) | PPTX (42.7MB)

Week 05

Lecture 09: The Computer: Inputs I

Tuesday, 10/01/2013
PDF (10.0MB) | PPTX (57.2MB)

Lecture 10: Project Proposal Presentations I

Thursday, 09/27/2013
No slides; in-class presentations.

Week 06

Lecture 11: Project Proposal Presentations II and The Computer: Inputs II

Tuesday, 10/08/2013
~Half of lecture was in-class presentations then we finished off Lecture09.

Lecture 12: Design Principles
Thursday, 10/10/2013
PDF (24.8MB) | PPTX (58.1MB)

Week 07

Lecture 13: Sketching

Tuesday, 10/15/2013
PDF (49.5MB) | PPTX (28.0MB)

Lecture 14: Design Critiques

Thursday, 10/17/2013
PDF (4.6MB) | PPTX (38.7MB)

Week 08

Lecture 15: No Class

Tuesday, 10/22/2013
Prepare for midterm!

Lecture 16: Midterm

Thursday, 10/24/2013
In-class midterm, no slides.

Week 09

Lecture 17: Prototyping

Tuesday, 10/29/2013
PDF (4.5MB) | PPTX (468MB)

Lecture 18: Design as Remix and In-Class TA05 Work
Thursday, 10/31/2013
PDF (8.4MB) | PPTX (167MB)

Week 10

Lecture 19: Aesthetics, Emotion, and Applying Design Principles

Tuesday, 11/05/2013
PDF (6.4MB) | PPTX (485MB)

Lecture 20: Gestalt, Grids, and In-Class Exercise

Thursday, 11/07/2013
PDF (9.5MB) | PPTX (72.7MB)

Week 11

Lecture 21: Visual Design: Color

Tuesday, 11/12/2013
PDF (8.9MB) | PPTX (79.4MB)

Lecture 22: In-Class Design Critiques of TA06

Thursday, 11/14/2013
In-class critiques of TA06

Week 12

Lecture 23: Visual Design: Typography & Legibility

Tuesday, 11/19/2013
PDF (6.8MB) | PPTX (38.7MB)

Lecture 24: In-Class Quiz and Intro to Evaluation

Thursday, 11/21/2013
PDF (3.81MB) | PPTX (11.1MB)

Week 13

Lecture 25: Evaluation II: Inspection-Based Methods & Formal Methods

Tuesday, 11/26/2013
PDF (8.98MB) | PPTX (24.4MB)

No Class: Thanksgiving

Thursday, 11/28/2013
Have a good break!

Week 14

Lecture 26: Evaluation III: Automated Data Collection & Testing

Tuesday, 12/03/2013
PDF (6.8MB) | PPTX (38.7MB)
In this class, we tried out a collaborative learning and lecture activity. You can view the Google Doc here .

Lecture 27: Evaluation IV: Experiments

Thursday, 12/05/2013