Create Wiki Page

Due: TBD due to a problem with Wikispaces.

In your first team assignment, you must:
  1. Come up with a name for your team. This name can have an association to your project or be completely independent.

  2. Create a Wiki page for your project. This page must be hosted within and be listed on the Project Teams page.

  3. On the Wiki page:
    1. Restate your project title in "Heading 1" Format. Directly underneat the title in "Normal" format put "by Team X" where 'X' is your newly christened team name.

    2. Underneath your project title, make the following headers (also "Heading 1" format): Project Members, Project Description, Deliverables.

    3. Under Project Members list your names (you can use first name and last initial if you'd like).

    4. Under Project Description, write a brief description of your project. This can be no longer than 5 sentences. Don't worry--we can change this as the semester progresses.

  4. Bonus points for prettifying the Wiki page (to the extent that you can). Note: later in the semester, you will make an actual project webpage. The wiki is simply a nice, central location for us to organize all project related content.