by Team Rhotic Vowels

Project Members

Felicia Chen
Hailey Oei
Krithi Ramaswamy
Eyobe Bisrat

Project Description

In the smartphone age, much communication takes place on Internet-enabled mobile devices, and often internationally -- and interlingually, to the effect of not being able to understand what is being said. Past solutions for mobile translation have been tedious to execute, limited only to the PC web browser, or not maintained for use. Our proposed solution aims to integrate inline translation to an Android chat application, using a limited number of button presses. We intend to assess the effectiveness of our solution through observation and interview. Because this solution will speed up communication time, we believe that this will benefit those trying to improve their comprehension in languages they are not fluent in and also those that they communicate with in that language.


Final User Testing and & Report:

Final Video:

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LexiConversion Code
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LexiConversion APK

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URL: http://lexiconversion.wordpress.com/

Mid-Fi Prototypes and Critique

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Formative Research and Project Proposal:

New version, with Additional Observations + Formatting Changes:
(This is probably the better one to grade...as it contains every relevant section in the prompt unlike the other)


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